She is an avid writer and has been since her early teens. Her dream has always been to write novels. 

She graduated Phi Kappa Phi from the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida.


In 2014, she became a full-time writer, and the result is the Magdalena Series. It follows protagonist, Maggie Curran from a newly orphaned fifteen-year-old to an adult with a family and career as a black ops assassin. 

Shannon is a mom to three amazing boys and after living in different parts of the country has been in North Carolina for twenty years. Watching her sons live their dreams is a constant inspiration for her.

Shannon loves to write suspense/thrillers and crime mystery. Keeping the reader on the edge of his seat with unexpected twists and turns is what motivates her. 

She is currently taking a hiatus from the Magdalena Series to explore a new genre. Her upcoming book is YA paranormal thriller. Shannon is excited about the change and hopes to give her readers chills! 

She likes to travel to the locations where her books are set whenever possible, to immerse herself in the culture and bring genuine details to the settings.


Current book I am working on:

The Whisper Box

When Charlotte Whitfield is summoned through her dreams to Chinatown in Boston, she has no idea what to expect. An old Chinese man gives her a small decorated enamel box he made especially for her. She is to whisper her thoughts and fears into the box and it will protect her. She soon learns her whispers have unforeseen consequences. The man disappeared before warning her to be careful what she whispers.

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